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Criminal Law

DUIs, Misdemeanors

Many veterans come to us asking for help addressing DUIs/DWIs or misdemeanor charges. We are happy to assist in these matters, and many of the lawyers in our network are expertly trained in handling criminal cases. Other criminal matters we have handled include simple assault, simple possession of controlled substances, orders of protection and restraining orders, driving incidents other than intoxicated operation, white collar crimes, and more.

Our attorneys understand the intricacies of criminal law, as well as the stress and confusion that can come from being faced with criminal charges. Let us be clear. We are here to offer not only comfort and reassurance, but to back that up with top-notch legal representation for whatever issue you are facing.

Veterans Legal Justice will accept all cases, regardless or nature or circumstances, except for those which would otherwise qualify for a Public Defender. Be assured that, even in those cases, we are happy to help procedurally if you or someone you know feels they need assistance walking through the process.

Record Expungement

We understand that having a criminal record can be a daunting challenge to overcome. It may stay with an individual for years or, in many cases, a lifetime and can be seen as an insurmountable barrier to essential to life challenges such as employment, housing, or parental rights. Statistically, veterans already face these challenges at higher rates than the civilian population.


Many individuals have worked hard and overcome numerous challenges, including physical and mental health issues, financial struggles, or serious trauma in order to turn their lives around for the betterment of themselves and others. If we are going to endorse a system of rehabilitative justice, we should respect those who have shown their recommitment to doing the right thing.


For this reason, we take great pride in, and put tremendous value on our history of record expungements. As of Spring 2024, we have successfully referred 100% of requests we have received for record expungement.

Contact us with any questions or to request legal services. We are always happy to help.

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