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We ask much of veterans and they serve without hesitation. Now, we must give back.

"A Call to Action"

Veteran Legal Justice aims to respond to the holistic legal needs of veterans and their families by increasing the capacity for affordable legal services. Rural regions of the state, which New Hampshire veterans heavily populate, are most impacted by economic disparities in need of civil legal assistance. Here in New Hampshire, access to affordable civil legal services is under-resourced (Report of New Hampshire Access to Justice, January 2021). Many New Hampshire veterans, service members, and their families face a broad and unique set of legal challenges that can threaten their health, housing stability, financial security, freedoms, and economic opportunities. Without an active military base, New Hampshire veterans/service members face obstacles to navigating and accessing affordable legal services and legal help that holistically addresses veterans’ legal rights and protections.

Core Values

Veterans Legal Justice operates on a set of core values and principles. We consider adherence to these values to be paramount to completing the mission we have set out to do. Commitment and Determination • We recognize and honor your military service and the sacrifices made by military families • We are committed to delivering high-quality pro bono legal services • We appreciate your legal challenges and strive to provide the best possible resolution • We are determined to protect your constitutional rights and personal interests Collaboration • We work together with other veterans non-profits to achieve our collective goals. • We work together to expand access to legal services through active participation in a collaborative network of community partners. Competency • VLJ Volunteers are legal experts from different law practice areas who provide a broad spectrum of services. • VLJ Volunteers either have military service or receive supervisory training on military cultural competency delivering holistic legal services.

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Veterans Legal Justice is a non-profit organization made up of brilliant individuals, dedicated to getting United States veterans and members of service the help they need. We rely on public feedback to keep our operation moving forward in the best way possible. Feel free to send us a message with questions, comments, or suggestions.

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