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What We Have Accomplished So Far

At Veterans Legal Justice, we are proud to say we work with volunteer attorneys trained in every field of law. Veterans in New Hampshire may find themselves feeling vulnerable to essential-to-life difficulties, and we are here to help. As of August, 2023, we have been working hard with over 120 New Hampshire veterans, members of service, or their family members on a variety of legal issues.

In addition to referring cases directly, we collaborate with other non-profit organizations in New Hampshire and neighboring states. In cases where an individual qualifies for legal assistance based on meeting an income threshold, we will happily refer them to one of our allied organizations and are happy to take referrals from them when requirements are not met. We have never turned away a veteran in need, and have no plans to do so, ever!

Below is a sample of cases that we have successfully referred to attorneys at no cost to the client. In our first year of operations, approximately 28% of our clients have been successfully referred to attorneys to assist with family law, 16% with property or real estate law, 14% with misdemeanor offenses, 10% with VA or Social Security benefits claims, 10% with wills, and the rest with other legal matters.



* Some veterans called with multiple legal issues; others had issues resolved without need for legal intervention

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