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How Our Service Operates

Veterans Legal Justice launched operations and began accepting clients for intake on Veterans Day, 2022. We service veterans, service members, and their families, by providing referrals to lawyers in virtually every area of the law. Veterans Legal Justice stands out among veterans organizations because we define "veteran" a bit differently. The way we see it, if you or a member of your family have put on the uniform, even one day, you can come to us and get help with any legal needs.

We can receive intake inquiries by phone or email. Please note that we are not a law firm, and cannot provide legal counsel ourselves; however, we pride ourselves on knowing the best of the best lawyers in the State of New Hampshire, and we will happily connect you with one of them, according to your needs. We have volunteers operating the phone line during business hours, all of whom have been trained in our specific method of intake, as well as veterans cultural awareness. All voice messages are automatically transcribed, so if you are unable to reach someone, or call outside of business hours, rest assured that your message was received, and someone will be getting back to you soon!

Once your intake inquiry is received, volunteers, in coordination with Veterans Legal Justice's board of directors, will correspond with one of New Hampshire's finest lawyers in the area of law that most fits your needs.

Veterans Legal Justice was honored to receive an invitation to the 2022 Seacoast Veterans Conference at Service Credit Union in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. There, Larry Vogelman, one of our board members and founding members, had the privilege of announcing the organization's launch.

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